The biomedical ecosystem in Africa is far behind. A major reason for this lag is that, researchers have often focused on academic outputs other than the entrepreneurial components. Academic and entrepreneurship should however go together. Our project focuses on the biomedical sciences and we hope to build capabilities that will enable biotechnological spin-offs from various biomedical research projects.

We will create opportunities for students and researchers to get knowledge and skills to;

1.  Identify the innovation in their research

2. Identify models and pathways to move innovation to a proof-of-concept stage

3. Attract investors with the proof-of-concept and/or raise funds to develop their concepts/project

4. Market the product(s)


We organize a hybrid training through a MOOCS Platform and hands-on workshops  to train bioscientists on translating their ideas.


We support our institutions to implement policies on translational and intellectual property in the biosciences.


We are mentoring two bioenterprise start-ups to serve as models of biomedical innovation and translation.