1. Knowledge and Skill Gap Analysis on the Bioentrepreneurial Ecosystem in Ghana (Past)

We conducted a survey among bioscience students and scientists across education institutions (universities) and industry players in Ghana. Data from the survey gave as insight into the following:

  • What bioscience students and scientist think entrepreneurship is
  • If they had made any attempted to venture into bioscience entrepreneurship
  • The challenges that hinder bioscience entrepreneurship
  • What training or capacity building  is required to make scientist and students ready to pursue innovations and entrepreneurship 
3. Lean Management; Trainer of Trainers Workshop (Past)

Some members of the GBIP Team from Ghana were hosted at the University of St. Andrews, UK (a network partner on the IAU-GBIP project) to undertake a one week Lean management workshop.


3. Online Bio-entrepreneurship Training (Past)

The objective of GBIP is to develop a knowledge-exchange-mentorship programme to equip potential entrepreneurs in Ghana with the know-how to translate their biomedicine related business ideas into viable commercial ventures. The partnership with the help of some industry experts is conducting an online training for some selected 39 applicants in areas of;

  1. How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Business planning and pitching
  3. 3Policy and regulatory frameworks for bio-businesses in Ghana 
  4. Resource mobilization 

This online training commenced on the 1st of June, 2022 and ended on the 26th of July, 2022.

4. Hands-on Bio-entrepreneurship Training Workshop (Past)

The Partnership  hosted some 20 participants of the online bio-entrepreneurship training course  at University of Cape Coast’s Design and Thinking Innovation Hub. The selected persons persons were participants who had  dedicated more time and effort to participating and completing the online training modules within the given period. 

The Workshop was from the 8th of August to the 12th of August, 2022. Participants were trained on;

  • Conceptualizing, planning & presenting entrepreneurial ideas
  • Navigating documentation for bioscience business in Ghana
  • Resource mobilization for startups.
5. IP Policy Workshop (Past)

The Partnership made arrangements  for two facilitators from the Center for Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Ghana (CIPRAG), to facilitate a training workshop on Intellectual Property Policy for Biosciences on  August 30, 2022   at the University of Health and Allied Sciences with some university faculty and students participating.

Facilitators trained participants on the;

  • Different types of IP
  • Role of patents in promoting biomedical innovations
  • Basic requirements for effective IP management
  • Emerging global biomedical innovations and IP rights 
  • Role of a technology transfer officer for research and development in biomedical sciences.

Participants were engaged in activities where case studies in relation to IP policy were given to them to discuss in groups and come out with brief presentations to address the issues of the case studies

6. Stakeholder Engagement and Final Exit Workshop (Past)

The Partnership organized a final stakeholder engagement workshop where facilitators of the bio-entrepreneurship online training course together with major key players in policy and bio-business were invited to receive a summary of the project and the way forward.

Participants of the training course were also invited with some presenting prototypes of their business ideas which had been well groomed by the training the partnership offered.  

7. Translation Accelerator Programme (Past)

As part of our sustainability strategy, the GBIP Project partnered and adopted two start-ups in the biosciences entrepreneurial ecosystem to support and help them develop to become models and hubs for mentoring other enterprises. The two start-ups fall in two categories of business; one a social enterprise and the other a partnership. We are pleased to have this collaboration with:

Tractilis BioLabs is a bio-research organizzation focused on delivering disruptive research and development programmes for healthcare and a sustainable environment in Africa.

Their vision is conceive and develop  technologies and bioproducts for health and sustainable environments of Africa on home soil which will in turn have a positive impact on the lives of the African people.

They are on a mission to deliver healthier lives and a sustainable environment for Africa through innovations and generating of deeper knowledge about the biological world affecting health, disease and the environment.

Tractilis BioLabs consist of four divisions within which it operates. Three of which are for their research and development programe dubbed, ‘3Dlife’. The fourth is their product and technology development programme.

They are committed to developing and using open technologies to bringing solutions to healthcare and sustainable environment in Africa.

For more, visit thier website here

  • Medory Naturals Ltd (Limited Liability Partnership)

Medory Naturals specializes in developing innovative herbal products for use as food supplements for health. Products in its pipeline incluse its energy tea which is a healthy alternative for energy drinks that have populated our markets today.